IP PBX VoIP is an acronym for a communications system known as a private branch exchange using voice over internet protocol. This is simply a unified communications system or business phone system where the private branch exchange acts as a switch for transfer of calls to other telephones within the business. It is able to handle the traffic of calls within the company as well as act as a gatekeeper to the outside world. There are two essential elements that make up a traditional private branch exchange IP Telephone system and these are the lines and stations. 

Lines are telephone connections and stations are simple telephone units like fax machines and sometimes modems. The modern IP PBX has a voice over internet protocol that uses computers and takes advantage of the benefits derived from the processing units of these computers including the hardware and software. Anybody with the understanding of computers can install and program the private branch exchange or PBX.

Unlike a traditional telephone system, there should be a professional installer that must be hired before you can use the system. One of the benefits of using the voice over internet protocol is that they have easier interfaces than traditional telephone lines. They work by converting voice vibrations to signals that can be read and translated by internet protocol packets. These signals are then transferred to telephone lines therefore the calls that are made from computers are transmitted and relayed through ordinary telephone lines. So what are the other advantages of using VoIP? One of the benefits is that there is more savings than traditional telephone lines and you can integrate other features such as mail and fax in the necpbxdubai telephone. 


The caller can simultaneously use the internet and call feature of the computer. With the advent of Wi-Fi, there is no more need for additional lines that will be installed therefore they are very well accepted by corporate employees and people who are on the go always because they can call anytime and anywhere when there is internet access available. With ease in connectivity and access, these translates to increase in over-all productivity and savings. The cost for additional telephone lines and monthly bills can be saved by the company. Because of the internet features, the callers can make video conferencing, conduct virtual meetings and even attach documents. Therefore the IP PBX VoIP system is easy to install, use and troubleshoot.If you want to learn more about IP telephone system, you can visit